Indoor Air Quality in McDonough, GA

Is your home giving you itchy eyes or the sniffles, even when it’s not allergy season? Does the dust pile up in your home quickly, even with frequent cleaning? Notice strange smells when your furnace kicks on? All of these issues and more are symptoms of air quality problems. And, just like problems with your HVAC installation in McDonough, Flippen, Henry County, Blacksville, or Atlanta, GA, they need to be solved quickly and thoroughly.

The team at Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Inc offers air quality improvement solutions that keep your forced air pristine and clean. We can profile your air quality to determine the level of contamination, then recommend solutions that remove dirt, dust, dander, allergens, mold and much, much more. Not only will your health improve, your HVAC efficiency will too!

Filtering Air Solutions

air filer quality

The primary way to improve the quality of your heating and air in McDonough, GA is through filtration. By replacing your stock furnace filter routinely and with a specialized solution, you’ll be able to rid your air of everything that’s detracting from its quality.

From HEPA filters to UV light treatments, we have experience in advising the right solution for your home’s unique needs. Our team will take into account the capacity of your forced air system, your home environment—pets, kids, lifestyle habits and more—and put together a solution that profiles the best method for purifying your air.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

If you’re sick of feeling sick in your own home, breathe a sigh of relief and schedule an appointment with Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Inc. With proven solutions for improving air quality, we’ll help you restore your breathable air quality and prevent future contamination.

Contact us today at 770-914-1031 to speak with one of our experts about your air quality, air conditioning, or heating concerns and some of the solutions that may be available to you.